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Manitoba Multifaith Council is an association of faith communities, representatives of faith communities, and individuals from various faith traditions throughout Manitoba. For more information see our annual report.
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Sixth Annual Leadership Breakfast with Guest Speaker Kevin Chief

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South Winnipeg Sings for Peace
Together in Silence for Peace

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Networking Event
On Feb 13th, there will be an opportunity for faith community leaders, pastors, staff, ministry personnel, etc. to meet at Kateri church at 794 Ellice Ave Winnipeg to network and learn more from each other how faith communities can support prisoners being released back into the community.  This may be of particular interest to faith community leaders who are interested in supporting released prisoners, but are not sure where to start. 
Please feel free to contact Bernie Mullins at 204-725-3532 local 2235 to RSVP or for more information.

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The New Testament from a Jewish Perspective

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Assiniboia Residential School Reunion and Commemoration Event June 23 and 24, 2017

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A Selection of Photos from our Panel Presentation: “Welcoming  and Integrating Yazidi Refugees-Together!”
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Operation Ezra and the Naso families
Our first two privately-sponsored families to reach safe haven in Canada are so grateful for the warmth, the kindness and the generosity of the Salvation Army extended to our families as they arrived. The Salvation Army, who are represented on the Manitoba Multifaith Council's Board of Directors by Ray Harris, provided, beds, mattresses, clothing as well as lunch on July 13.

Thank you to Debbie Clarke and her crew for coming to the airport to greet our families and for all your kindness. Belle Jarniewski represents MMC on Operation Ezra's steering committee and we are proud to count Nafiya Naso as a member of MMC's Board of Directors.

Please look at our photo albums on Facebook (pictures provided by Manuel Sousa)
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The two families came straight from the Midyat Refugee Camp in Turkey and have finally made their long journey to their new home here in Winnipeg. Thank you Operation Ezra and the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg asking me to document this great reunion.

19-year old Salih had been left behind due to difficulties with his paperwork. We were thrilled to see him finally arrive on Friday July 15 and officially welcome him to Canada!

Thank you SO much Canadian Footwear and The Salvation Army!


Peace Days Interfaith Event - September 21, 2015
On September 21, 2015, the Manitoba Multifaith Council invited participants from 11 different faith traditions to offer prayers for peace.

Dr. Mohinder Singh Dhillon, President of the MMC, brought greetings and words of welcome. Gathered around the Mahatma Gandhi statue, we began, fittingly with a reminder from Aboriginal elder, Carole Mone, of our cherished connection to Mother Earth.

Perry Kimelman, of Peace Days, and Ray Harris, of the Manitoba Multifaith Council invited our guests to offer their prayers. Enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the glorious autumn day, the crowd listened to the moving and unified messages of hope for a more peaceful world, expressed in many languages. Most Reverend Archbishop Legatt, Archbishop of St. Boniface, honoured us with his participation.

At the conclusion of the afternoon, we broke bread together—as a symbol of sharing, of appreciation to the bounty of the earth and to God to whom we give thanks for our sustenance. Belle Jarniewski offered the Jewish blessing over bread.


Manitoba Multifaith’s Retreat at Light of the Prairies Retreat Centre September 8

At the Retreat
Beth Sawatsky, our Retreat Facilitator
Paul Peters Derry, Belle Jarniewski, James Christie,  Richard Ludwick, Ron Long
Paul Peters Derry, Belle Jarniewski, James Christie
Dr. Mohinder Dillon Singh, Father Robert Polz
Pursuant to BY-LAW NO.1 of MANITOBA MULTIFAITH COUNCIL, Inc. (2011), notice is given for its Annual General Meeting to take place on Monday, May 30, 2016 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Registration at 6:45 pm — Public is invited to join us!
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Third Annual Multifaith Leadership Breakfast

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Evening with award-winning journalist Steve Paikin on
International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights invite you to attend a special event on January 27.

Join renowned Canadian journalist and TV anchor Steve Paikin, who will speak and read from “I Am a Victor” – his book about Canadian Auschwitz survivor Mordechai Ronen. Afterwards, books will be available for purchase and signing in the Museum’s Boutique.
Date: Wednesday, January 27
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: Free
Place: Boutique, Canadian Museum for Human Rights 85 Israel Asper Way, Winnipeg, MB
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Keynote Speaker, Dr. Paul Henteleff

Left to right: Dr. Paul Henteleff, Lynn Granke (panellist), Pundit Venkat Machiraju (panellist), Belle Jarniewski (MMC VP), Fr. Eduardo Soto Parra, SJ (panellist).
Take a Look at the 2014-15 Annual Report
annual report

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An invitation from our 2014 Multifaith Leadership Breakfast presenter, Winnipeg Police Chief Devon Clunis:

On May 29-30 the City of Winnipeg’s police services will join with community groups to impact one of the city’s streets. Selkirk Avenue, in its North End, will become the scene of a concerted effort to create a positive impact towards increased safety, beauty and community. All faith groups are invited to join with others in making this a special two days.  Click here for more information on “Restore Our Core” …

2nd Annual Multifaith Leadership Breakfast - For the Sake of the City
Keynote Speaker, Rabbi Shaul Osadchey of Calgary
Luncheon honouring Bishop Linda Nicholls and the Laurie Wilmott Lecture, graciously offered by the Dr. James Christie on behalf of the Ridd Institute for Religion and Global Policy at the University Club, University of Winnipeg, March 11, 2015.

Left to right: Steve Robertson, Gerald Labossiere, Paul Peters Derry, Belle Jarniewski, Dr.James Read, Bishop Linda Nicholls, Dr. James Christie, Dr. Mohinder Singh Dhillon.
Evening in honour of Rabbi Shaul Osadchey and Bobbie Osadchey February 25, 2015. Rabbi Osadchey was the guest speaker at the 2nd Annual Manitoba Multifaith Leadership Breakfast.

Back row, left to right: Ray Harris, Dr. James Christie, Belle Jarniewski, Rob Hankinson, Bobbie Osadchey, Rabbi Shaul Osadchey, Perry Kimelman, Darcy Senft, Gary Senft.
Front row, left to right: Sandy Hyman, Paul Peters Derry, Lynda Trono, Dr. Mohinder Singh Dhillon.
Passover: God’s Gift of Freedom
By Belle Jarniewski
The ancient festival of Passover is a celebration of liberty and redemption. It commemorates the Exodus from Egypt, the narrative in the Hebrew Bible that tells the story of Moses and his calling by God to lead the Israelites out of the house of slavery in Egypt to freedom.

The name Passover is a translation of the Hebrew verb חספ, “to pass over”; the Israelites marked their door-posts with the blood of the first ever paschal lamb and the Lord passed over them when he inflicted the tenth and most deadly of his plagues on the Egyptians.

Read the entire article printed in the March 27, 2015 issue of the Catholic Times
Board of Directors photo
Back row left to right, Ron Long, Dr. James Christie, Belle Jarniewski, Dr. Mohinder Dhillon, Ray Harris
Front Row - Richard Ludwick, Fr. Robert Poltz, Lynda Trono.
Missing: Al Benarroch, Harold King, Paul Peters Derry, Hosni Azzabi
1914  -  Centennial  - 1918

A project of Remembrance and Reconciliation
In 2014 starting October 20th until November 11th, the 292,207 names of those killed in 1914 from Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Turkey, the British Indian Army, Ireland and the Czech Republic will be displayed. The names display commences each evening at 8:30 and pauses at dawn the following day.

In each of the WWI Centenary years, the names of those killed will be witnessed in the 100th year after their deaths.

To view the 2014 names display go to 

For more information about the project or to find exact night, hour and minute that any name will appear go to

Read the background information for the project.

Memory is part of what makes us human.

MMC Helps in Celebrating Peace Day
Dr. Mohinder Dhillon representing the MMC at the St. Boniface Cathedral for the Peace Day event during the weekend festivities celebrating the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

lt to rt: Ray Harris, Dr. James Christie, Manju Lodha, Archbishop LeGatt,
Belle Jarniewski, Dr. Mohinder Dillon, Paul Peters Derry and Richard Ludwick.

Dr. James Christie, Dr. Mohinder Dillon and Archbishop LeGatt
Rationale for the name of the Justice / Corrections Committee:
The corrections system is a network of governmental bodies that is made up of law enforcement, court systems, and correctional programs. These agencies work together for the purpose of providing governmental control on crime.

A just system would seek to include all members of society in the broadest sense. For example, many people of lower status, as well as minorities have been victimized simply because of their social standing and lack of resources – especially knowledge and financial.

It seems that those with more wealth and other resources have a greater ability to respond to situations where they or their family members encounter the corrections system. In essence, they possess more ability than others to deal with the corrections system.

In order to achieve justice, the Committee seeks ways to support / provide equal opportunities and resources for those who have less resources. While we does not argue with the notion of appropriately punishing the guilty, we hope to promote fairness and equal rights for victims, offenders and the families of both – which are often in conflict with one another

Because we hope to support people involved in the corrections system and promote fairness and equal rights, we prefer the name of the Committee: Justice / Corrections.

Ontario Multifaith Council faces Funding Cuts, November, 2012
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“Restore Our Core” success for inner city neighbourhood
When Winnipeg Police Service Chief Devon Clunis speaks, people listen.

And when he put out a call to action to the citizens of Winnipeg, asking them to come together and clean up the core area, the response was monumental.  

"This spring, the Winnipeg Police Service is inviting the entire community to come out and help us Restore Our Core."

And come out they did!  A tide of volunteers pitched in for the two-day cleanup – concerned citizens from various faith-based organizations, community groups and Winnipeg at large, alongside workers from city departments including the Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service and Public Works all lent a hand.

The Salvation Army was also on hand to ensure that the toil-weary community workers were refreshed throughout the day.  Coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water, sandwiches and snacks were made available at no-charge.  Over the two days, volunteers and staff on our Community Response Unit vehicles served over 800 beverages and 300 meals of soup, sandwiches and snacks.

On Saturday, while serving the volunteers, three young people stopped by and inquired why we were in the neighborhood.  After explaining the Army's involvement, the volunteer inside offered each of them the same meal being served to the community volunteers.  One of the youth was so touched by the sentiment of being offered a meal, she became emotional and explained that the trio had gotten up that morning hungry and unable to provide for themselves, and they were just establishing where they could steal their next meal from.  This sort of aid is just part of The Salvation Army’s philosophy as Major Margaret McLeod, Area Commander for The Salvation Army – Prairie Division (West) explains "Anyone that comes to us will receive assistance based on their need and our ability to help."

Gardens planted, arson-damaged structures removed to make way for new ones, litter and waste removed, these are the tangible results of Restore Our Core.  The measure of respect and dignity returned to the area around Selkirk Avenue, that is the outcome.

The Salvation Army are proud to support Chief Clunis' statement that "Working together we can and will create a culture of safety in Winnipeg."
Restore Our Core pdf

Featured image (l-r)
Major Ray Harris – Volunteer, Salvation Army; Staff Sgt. Ron Johannson – Winnipeg Police Service,
Wally Clarke – Volunteer, Salvation Army; Chief Devon Clunis – Winnipeg Police Service.


Dr. Mohinder Singh Dhillon, our president with Robert Falcon-Ouelette at the opening event for Restorative Justice Week.
agm poster
Pictures from the 2014 AGM
MLB Report for MMC Web
Mar 26, 2014

“Why do you do what you do?” It’s a good question. And it’s a question Winnipeg’s Chief of Police asked himself, and asked those gathered for a Multifaith Leadership Breakfast on one of the city’s coldest mornings.

The Breakfast was mounted by the Manitoba Multifaith Council, in cooperation with The University of Winnipeg the its Global College. This special event has its beginnings with a proclamation from the United Nations that one week in the month of February be given to interfaith dialogue. MMC’s decision was to create a breakfast event to which leaders of the city would be invited: government, educational, business and faith. One hundred and twenty-five people of all walks of life came and enjoyed a continental breakfast, and listened to the Chief.

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As participants sat around tables for the breakfast, they were invited by the event’s moderator, Rev Dr James Christie, to engage in conversation. A specially created place mat posed the question: “While you are enjoying breakfast and getting to know one another, we wonder…what role might faith communities play in the life of the city, and in particular for the safety and well-being of its people.” Fresh muffins have a way of evoking good conversation!

Once introduced, Chief Devon Clunis began to explore his own question. “It was the children,” he said, that first drew him into police work. Although his family comes from Jamaica, Clunis grew up in Winnipeg’s North End. As a person of Christian faith, the Chief recognized the importance of “service” for him. These values led him to work with the city’s police force. After years of service he contemplated retirement. But a strong sense of vocation drew him to consider the position of Chief when it became open. As Chief Clunis reflected on his role he drew out his appreciation for the City of Winnipeg and its faith communities. There is a danger, in his view, of “compartmentalizing” the city. Winnipeg has important diversities, including its faith diversity. In his view we are in the task of building the city together. Drawing on a text from the prophet Jeremiah in the Hebrew Bible, Clunis spoke of the mandate to “seek the peace and prosperity of the city.” This is why he does what he does!

As the Chief came to the conclusion of his remarks, he invited two representatives of Boston Pizza to join him. Together they presented a cheque of $35,000 to President Lloyd Axworthy for the University’s Scholarship Fund. The police and Boston Pizza have collaborated on this project, with police personnel often serving meals at Boston Pizza in order to raise money.

At the beginning of the Breakfast, Elder Stan McKay offered his aboriginal blessing on the event. Such blessing was evident in many ways.

Ray Harris – MMC Secretary