Manitoba Multifaith Council

Manitoba Multifaith Council is an association of faith communities, representatives of faith communities, and individuals from various faith traditions throughout Manitoba. For more information see our annual report.
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The Purpose of the Manitoba Multifaith Council (MMC)
“To operate exclusively as a charitable organization for the purpose of promoting interfaith and multifaith dialogue and understanding, to educate the public about world religions and to promote collaboration amongst people of faith in order to foster the well being of the community as a whole.”   From Articles of Incorporation in Manitoba
Education, Religion and a New Canadian Pluralism *** NEW***
Presentation at MMC AGM, May 31, 2016 by Tony Tavares, Consultant, Diversity Education and International Languages Instruction, Curriculum Assessment Branch, Manitoba Education.
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Care for the Human Spirit in Times of Illness

Spirituality, Illness and Health │Spiritual issues in the suffering related to illness│The Spiritual Care Visit: Listening, Empathy, and Communication│What you need to know about visiting in a health centre

$50 │$40 Early bird—before October 10th
Includes a light lunch │Dietary options available
To register : Fill out the registration form attached and send with your cheque to:
Peter Dyck, 505 - 11 Evergreen Place, Winnipeg, MB R3L 2T9
For questions or information contact Peter at: or 204-255-3826
Operation Ezra’s Evening to Commemorate the Second Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide

Candle lighting ceremony: Left to right: Michelle Rempel Conservative MP, Calgary-Nose Hill, Dr. John Young, President and CEO, CMHR, Dr. Clint Curle, Senior Advisor to the President, Stakeholder Relations, . Ben Rempel, Assistant Deputy Minister, Manitoba Education and Training—Immigration and Economic Opportunities, Ray Harris, Salvation Army/Manitoba Multifaith Council, Lorne Weiss, Congregation Shaarey Zedek, Leslie Wilder, Member, Board of Directors, Jewish Child and Family Service, Adam Levine, President, Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, Ted Falk, Conservative MP, Provencher, Jim Carr, Federal Minster of Natural Resources, Liberal MP, Winnipeg South Centre, Cameron Bell, representing Minister Ron Schuler, Minster of Crown Services for the Province of Manitoba, Rob Altemeyer, New Democrat Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, for Wolesley, Rabbi Yosef Benarroch,  Adas Yeshurun Herzliya Congregation, Belle Jarniewski, Manitoba Multifaith Council/ Operation Era Working Committee.

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A presentation made to Dr. Mohinder Dhillon. in honour of his service to the Manitoba Multifaith Council.

Left to right: Ray Harris, Dr. Mohinder Dhillon, Belle Jarniewski.
Operation Ezra and the Naso families
Our first two privately-sponsored families to reach safe haven in Canada are so grateful for the warmth, the kindness and the generosity of the Salvation Army extended to our families as they arrived. The Salvation Army, who are represented on the Manitoba Multifaith Council's Board of Directors by Ray Harris, provided, beds, mattresses, clothing as well as lunch on July 13.

Thank you to Debbie Clarke and her crew for coming to the airport to greet our families and for all your kindness. Belle Jarniewski represents MMC on Operation Ezra's steering committee and we are proud to count Nafiya Naso as a member of MMC's Board of Directors.

Please look at our photo albums on Facebook (pictures provided by Manuel Sousa)
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The two families came straight from the Midyat Refugee Camp in Turkey and have finally made their long journey to their new home here in Winnipeg. Thank you Operation Ezra and the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg asking me to document this great reunion.

19-year old Salih had been left behind due to difficulties with his paperwork. We were thrilled to see him finally arrive on Friday July 15 and officially welcome him to Canada!

Thank you SO much Canadian Footwear and The Salvation Army!

Statement of the Manitoba Multifaith Council on the Recent Tragedies
The Manitoba Multifaith Council joins the global chorus of horror and dismay at the recent waves of violence perpetrated by some accounts and to some perspectives attributable to the religious impulse, in the immolation of 19 Yazidi women by the forces of Daesh (IS) in early June and the shootings in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in the early hours of June 12. We lift up several foundational concerns that extend beyond the visceral revulsion provoked by such acts.

We acknowledge and confess that all too often in the course of human history religious communities of all stripes have betrayed the founding impulses of their communities. We pledge yet again to stand by the conviction, as stated in many of our religious traditions, that within Creation all human beings are made in the image of the Divine; and that consequently, the image of God in all humans implies that each person has “infinite value, equality and uniqueness.” (Rabbi Irving Greenberg).

We hold these convictions to be universal human values, regardless of race, religion, orientation, or nationality.

We call upon all Manitobans, whether people of faith or no faith; we call on people of good will everywhere to:

  • Resist superficial analysis of these tragedies and the religious implications of each;
  • To suspend judgement concerning motivations and meaning in the face of apparent meaningless;
  • To refrain from xenophobic suspicion of the other;
  • To pursue open dialogue amongst people of differing religious traditions and ideological positions;
  • To seek always and everywhere to be agents of reconciliation, instruments of peace and understanding in contrast to the demagogue urgings of those who would pervert religious faith or human ideals to the demonic ends of hatred and bigotry;
  • To embrace complexity in all aspects of the human adventure.

We urge the leaders of our province and our nation to recall the provisions of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which recognize the integrity and liberty of religious expression and to apply that recognition to all policies of our province and nation, whether domestic or global.

We remember, soberly and hopefully John Dunne’s conviction that “no (one) is an island,” and the wisdom of the late Rabbi Harry Joshua Stern that we will have “one world or no world.”

2016 Annual General Meeting

MMC Board 2015-2016 Left to Right: Back Row: Paul Peters Derry, Josh Gruninger, Ron Long, Al Benarroch
Front Row: Dr. James Christie, Belle Jarniewski, Nafiya Naso, Rich Ludwick, Diane Dwarka, Ray Harris (missing from photo: Dr. Mohinder Singh Dhillon, Robert Polz, Harold King).
Presentation to Harold King in honour of his contributions the Provincial Chaplaincy Advisory Committee by Bernie Mullins. 

Panel Discussion: Education, Religion and a New Canadian Pluralism.”
Left to right: Tony Tavares, Ruth Ashrafi, Helen Robinson-Settee (Panellists), Al Benarroch (Moderator)
Left to right: Tony Tavares, Ruth Ashrafi, Helen Robinson-Settee
Manitoba Multifaith Council Tribute Cards
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PRESS RELEASE - October 8, 2015
In recent weeks, The Manitoba Multifaith Council (MMC) has observed with increasing dismay the employment of xenophobia – most particularly Islamaphobia - as a political wedge issue in the current federal election campaign. We are deeply disturbed by the apparent support of Canadians from coast to coast to coast at suggestions of draconian legislative measures intended to further stoke the fears of some Canadians of their neighbours whose religion and religious symbols are unfamiliar to them. During the closing days of last week and over the weekend, we have seen not simply an escalation in virulent verbal attacks on Muslims, but two documented assaults on Muslim women.

In Montreal, a pregnant young Muslim woman was assaulted and knocked to the ground by two teenage males. In a Toronto mall, a second young woman was roughly handled by an adult  male while in the presence of her two young daughters.

Manitoba Multifaith Council sees a direct link between these increasingly vicious attacks to last weekend's comments that risk employing religious symbolism and identity as wedge issues among Canadian voters.  We call all political leaders to a higher level of political discourse.

Setting aside our common religious injunction in whatever form to “love our neighbour”, these elected officials and others are concerned only with dividing our neighbours.

To date, the Courts are having none of this; as religious leaders of many faiths, we concur with the courts and their interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for all Canadians.

MMC recognizes that it is beyond our competence – and beyond wisdom – to engage in the political arena in a partisan manner.  But these are issues of human decency; of religious integrity; of religious liberty; of the security of persons.

MMC does not take sides on the merits or otherwise of any particular religious symbol, including the niquab.

MMC will stand up for our fellow citizens who have been  subjected to abuse, and now to violence.

MMC deplores and condemns any and all violence and incendiary language committed on the basis of religious garb or symbols, and we commit to standing by our sisters and brothers of all faiths – and none.

MMC fears that such ignorant and intentionally cruel, cynical and divisive language may yet issue in death.

Heeding the Irish Statesman, Edmund Burke, we will not permit evil by doing nothing in the face of evil.

Manitoba Multifaith Council calls upon persons of good will of all faith groups and none to stand together for liberty and justice for all.

Peace Days Interfaith Event - September 21, 2015
On September 21, 2015, the Manitoba Multifaith Council invited participants from 11 different faith traditions to offer prayers for peace.

Dr. Mohinder Singh Dhillon, President of the MMC, brought greetings and words of welcome. Gathered around the Mahatma Gandhi statue, we began, fittingly with a reminder from Aboriginal elder, Carole Mone, of our cherished connection to Mother Earth.

Perry Kimelman, of Peace Days, and Ray Harris, of the Manitoba Multifaith Council invited our guests to offer their prayers. Enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the glorious autumn day, the crowd listened to the moving and unified messages of hope for a more peaceful world, expressed in many languages. Most Reverend Archbishop Legatt, Archbishop of St. Boniface, honoured us with his participation.

At the conclusion of the afternoon, we broke bread together—as a symbol of sharing, of appreciation to the bounty of the earth and to God to whom we give thanks for our sustenance. Belle Jarniewski offered the Jewish blessing over bread.


Manitoba Multifaith’s Retreat at Light of the Prairies Retreat Centre September 8

At the Retreat
Beth Sawatsky, our Retreat Facilitator
Paul Peters Derry, Belle Jarniewski, James Christie,  Richard Ludwick, Ron Long
Paul Peters Derry, Belle Jarniewski, James Christie
Dr. Mohinder Dillon Singh, Father Robert Polz
Manitoba Multifaith Council

What is MMC?

The Manitoba Multifaith Council (MMC) is a registered non-profit corporation founded in 1969 to afford faith communities a unified voice in speaking on matters of common concern.

As Manitoba becomes increasingly diverse, the group seeks to build the common good of the province by facilitating respect, understanding and cooperation among different faith groups. MMC recognizes and respects the differences among faith communities while celebrating and acting upon common values.
Read the MMC Fact Sheet here

In what areas is MMC involved?


  • Builds bridges of understanding between faith communities and within the broader society.
  • Provides the community with information and resources on world religions.
  • Serves as a forum for interfaith dialogue.

Spiritual Health

  • Provides spiritual health information and programs.
  • Consults regarding spiritual care services for individuals in public health care institutions.


  • Promotes spiritual care for persons in the criminal justice and correctional system.
  • Gathers organizations and individuals together to reflect and act on criminal justice issues.

Community Relations

  • Builds relationships with government, media, related organizations, faith communities and the larger public

How can I get involved?

  • Visit the website to learn more:
  • Participate in an MMC event.
  • Become a member. Membership is open to individuals and faith groups who share MMC’s vision.
  • Join a committee, to help MMC’s work in different sectors.
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Annual Report 2015-16
annual report
Read the report here
Organizational Identity
Name Change, Incorporation and Charitable Organization Status
As a follow-up to the resolution passed at the AGM, the Manitoba Interfaith Council (MIC) has been renamed, and registered as the Manitoba Multifaith Council (MMC) to be distinguished from Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council (MIIC), and to more fully reflect the greater diversity which makes up the Province of Manitoba in our present day.  
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